Last week we begun on a series of teachings by the grace of God on valuing the people that God has brought into our lives. I have discovered that no one comes into our lives by mare coincidence, some come as a blessing, others as a lesson and others come in need of us. Anytime God wants to do anything on the face of the earth he does not use animals or trees he uses people and therefore it is important to know no matter their personalities, strengths or weaknesses they have a role to play in our lives. The most important thing is not to wish people away from our lives but desiring to learn different personalities and how to handle them.
The Apostle Paul offers this practical advice, “if possible, so far as it depends upon you, be at peace with all men” (Romans 12;18). The key to successful relationships really gets down to responsibility. I am responsible for how I treat others. I may not be responsible for how they treat me, but I am responsible for my reaction to them which is a very important thing to understand as you deal with people.I believe this is very critical for all of us to learn how to handle people because how happy we are in the ministry, work place, marriage, school etc is dependent on how we handle people. No man is an island God did not create us that way that’s why i felt the burden to share and teach on this powerful series. This week i will take some time and share on understanding the different personalities of people and the psychology of handling them without writing them off or allowing them to hold your life at ransom remember i said everyone has something good about them no matter how crazy they look or behave. This will help so many even in their relationships or marriages.
1.“SHERMAN TANK PERSONALITY: This one brings to mind a person who runs over everything, everyone and anything that is in the way. These people have a tendency to intimidate others because of their “I’m-right-and-you’re-wrong” attitude. They intimidate through sheer force and power; their behavior is aggressive and even hostile. Because of the Sherman Tanks insensitivity, people tend to battle with them. it is difficult to sit down and reason or rationalize with “tanks
When dealing with this kind of people u must engage a calm spirit especially when they are on the move. Consider the effects of what they are doing and also approach them from a point of reason not feelings because they will hurt you. Most of the times people fight with this personalities but the best way to deal with them is to weigh whatever is in question, if it is not important ignore them and just leave their eagle to fly, if it is very important and may have a bad impact confront the issue at hand without condemning the person, attack the issues at hand not the person. Always try not to raise your voice on them when they raise theirs on you, give them space to vent and talk without interrupting them when they are done address the issues with their own words. You must develop a tough skin when dealing with this people you cannot afford to be all fragile with them. Above all things pray for them and never let them feel like they are really getting to your nerves.
This people are so good when calm, they can do anything for you, most of the time they are very humble especially when they realize you understand them, they tend to be apologetic when they realize their mistakes, they can also suffer easily from stress when they realize they hurt you and you don’t deserve it, approach them when all has calmed down and let them know u don’t hate them but always let them know what is right.


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