I remember some days back saying that everyone has something so valuable about them and at the same time they carry on their backs a load of weaknesses. Gold is good and valuable but its until one decides to look beyond the dirt. WE often fail to value people because we are at times too judgmental and we always focus on the dirt part of people and miss out on the gold. I made a deliberate decision to major on what is good in people and to ignore the dirt part of them, I have found this very special in handling different people with different personalities.
Yesterday we embarked on a journey to study the different types of people we will encounter in life and learning to understand and deal with different personalities. I wish without wasting time to go to the second type of personalities:
2. “SPACE CADETS” This are people who are forever in their own world, they are most of the times weird and don’t react to things like anyone else, they are the people who you cannot predict their reactions to whatever the situation. They are the people who are very hard to please, you will give them a gift on their Birthday and hear them ask is this the best you could do, is this what i am worth to you. If you evaluate your life based on these people’s comments or reactions you may feel miserable most of the times. They are never motivated by anything
However don’t write your Space Cadet friend off as a lost cause, search for the key to his or her uniqueness and seek to develop it. Many Space Cadets are extremely brilliant and creative; they have much to offer if you put them in the right spot. They work best when they work alone, so find an area in which they’re interested and give them space to dream and create. Always be positive and avoid to argue with them or make them feel like they are less humans, they are okay all they need is some space. Never insist on having conversations with them when they are not interested just give them their space, avoid asking them too personal questions especially when they don’t seem to be in the mood, they work well with compliments also.
I hope you are blessed as we study valuing people not just being judgmental and writing them off.
Bless you lets pick it up from there tomorrow


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